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“A fascinating window… confronts the prejudice and misperception that the Roma face in this country.”
–The New York Times

“Presents a chilling history…avoids sensationalism and editorializing.”
–Village Voice

“Fascinating, insightful look at the consistently denigrated Gypsy culture.”

“Dellal’s easy intimacy makes ‘American Gypsy’ shine… warm, humourous, fascinating”

“Nice job!”
–Time Out New York

“A very powerful piece of work.”

“A spellbinding, thought provoking film about the Rom – America’s hidden, sometimes romanticized and often oppressed people.”
–Taos Talking Pictures

“Be the first on your block!”
–SF Weekly

“An intriguing, meticulous portrait of a secretive and misunderstood people”

Best Documentary: American Gypsy Best Documentary Film Director: Jasmine Dellal, American Gypsy Best Actor: …James Marks
–Spokesman Review (at the 2000 Spokane Northwest Film Festival)

“American Gypsy probes beneath the Stereotypes”
–Release Print