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Jasmine Dellal

Jasmine Dellal
Joseph De Francesco
Roko Belic

Michele Zaccheo
Jasmine Dellal

Executive Producer
Douglas Harmon
Ahmad El Husseini

Additional Editing
Michal Conford
Herb Bennett
Herb Ferrette

Nathaniel Dorsky
John Filcich
Robert Hawk
Steven Most
Raoul Peck
Josh Peterson
Yanko Le Redzkosko
Marco Williams

Professor Ian Hancock
The families of: Grover & Lippie Marks
Jimmy and Jane Marks
William Duna

This Program is made possible in part by funding from:

Texas Council for the Humanities a state program of The National Endowment for the Humanities
Pacific Pioneer Fund
The Soros Documentary Fund of the Open Society Institute
Michael Korchinsky & Linda Hanson
Women In Film Foundation, Film Finishing Fund: Loreen Arbus “Focus on Discrimination” Grant
And the support and sponsorship of Film Arts Foundation, San Francisco

written, produced and directed by
Jasmine Dellal

featuring in order of appearance
Grover & Lippie Marks & family
James & Jane Marks & family
Professor Ian Hancock
William Duna & family

Jasmine Dellal
Joseph De Francesco

Michele Zaccheo
Jasmine Dellal

additional editors
Roko Belic
Michal Conford
Herb Bennett
Herb Ferrette
Eve Goldberg

associate producers
Jed Rothstein
Nora Cadena
Gail Firth

executive producer
Douglas Harmon

additional camera
Tony Buxton
Sean Drummond
Federico Salsano
Bill Posner
Daryl Romeyn

assistant editors
Rich Gonzales
Sam Green
Kristin Howard
Josh Peterson
Jimmy Tarsi
Amy Young

production assistants
John Lithgow
Renée Chabria
Luke De Santos
Tim Kinzy
Ken McNaughton
Lydia Rheinfrank
Jeffrey Vasconcellos

Pamela Strong
Bill Brazell
Phred Dvorak Stephen Fraser Edward Kountz Sarah Lavender-Smith Anne Leonard Ann F. López Tara Mack

poetry excerpts from
“The World of the Juki” by Douglas Halebi whose Uncle Noah, in the words of the author, “has become like a germ of passion cast into my veins.”

Jarion Monroe
Ilya Brodsky
Alex Buxton
Olivia Buxton
Claudia Hutson
Leonie Hutson
Bray Poor
Roham Shaikhani

original artwork
Jonathan Cox

video graphics
Cory White

credit design
Jeanette Hodge

video on-line & technical director
Ian Williamson, CFSG

AVID on-line
Herb Bennett, Metropolis Editorial

post-production sound
Jason Terrel, Audio Image
Elise Hurwitz, Post & Field

production and post-production services
Beyond Pix
Complex Corporation
David Denny
First Camera First Generation
Griggs Productions
Jennings & Keefe
Metropolis Editorial
Simon Kirke
Pacific Rim Media
Pacific Video Resources
U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Video Arts

Roko Belic
Nathaniel Dorsky
John Filcich
Robert Hawk
Steven Most
Yanko Le Redzkosko
Marco Williams

legal counsel
Don Parris
Kjehl Rasmussen
Paul Spiegel

archival footage
Archive Films CBS News. All Rights Reserved.
JERRY SPRINGER excerpts courtesy of Studios USA Television Distribution LLC
“King of the Gypsies” ©1978 Dino De Laurentiis Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
KHQ KXLY News 4 Library of Congress National Archives

still photographs courtesy of
Carlos De Wendler-Funaro
Gypsy Research Collection, Smithsonian Institution
William Duna & SA ROMA
Ian Hancock
The International Romani Union
James and Jane Marks

thank you / nayis tumenge
Brad Abramson
Edgar Astaire
Dave Anderson
Nicole Atkinson
Eric Auchard
Roko, Adrian, Daniça & Baka Belic
Beyond Pix crew
Alex Black
Nick Black
Tim Blaskovitch
“Buff” Le Boeuf
Peter Broderick
Aruna Buxton
Angel Carmona
Jennifer Chinlund
Tim Coleman
David Denny
Denise Davis
Jack Dellal
Nilus & Jennifer De Matran
De Stijl crew
Katya Douglas
Down Home Music Record Store, El Cerrito
William Drummond
Naso Eleftheriadis
Jon Else
Francesca Faridany
Elizabeth Finlayson
Flame ‘n’ Co.
Scott Fralick
Freedom Forum Foundation
David Gellman
Dev Gogoi
Herbert Gold
Linda Gómez
Sam Green
Tom Gross
Griggs Productions
Douglas Harmon
Jeanette Hodge
Deborah Hoffman
Israel Iglesias
Stephen Julien
Julian Lighton
Lente Louw
Bharati Malani
Bryan J Martínez
Dean Mermell
Carol Miller
Bill Morlin
Nefeli & crew
Mark Nollinger
Bob Paris
Raoul Peck
Josh Peterson
Nadine Pinède
Praise Temple
Romano Yevgenyv Priborkin
Chris Quilkey
Kim Salyer
Sharma family
Bobby Shepard
Isabella Shvetsky
Gail Silva
Andrei Simic
Adam Sinykin
Anne Sutherland
Mary Thomas & Friends of Roma Children
Marlon T. Riggs
Sani Rifati & family
Romani-Jewish Alliance
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Anne Vrolyk
David Westby
Jackie White
John-Paul Whyatt

& the many others who helped along the way.

dedicated to
Marlon Troy Riggs and the courage to sing with meaning