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Rom Related Websites

Since the Rom are a truly international people, the world wide web has proven an ideal tool for them to keep in contact with each other. There are hundreds of websites, chatrooms and e-mail lists operating in Romani and/or the language of their home country.

Here are a few different sites (mainly in English) which provide an overview of Romani culture, history, politics, language, music and plain everyday life. Most of these sites have links to other sites if you want to take your research further.

Romnews Network
Current news, politics, history and hundreds of links to further sites.

An outstanding site about Romani culture and history, with links to many other sites

“The Pariah Syndrome” By Dr. Ian Hancock
A seminal history of the Romani people. Online edition of this book at:

ERRC/European Roma Rights Center
An impressive organization in Budapest, Hungary, that actively protests anti-Romani racism throughout Europe. Constantly updated site with news, journals, grant & employment resource lists, and links to many others.

“Roma Rights”
is published quarterly in English & Romani by the ERRC. Click for a recent edition.

Well researched student site by university students who saw our documentary film ‘American Gypsy’ – with additional links on topics such as history, bibliography, civil rights struggle and injustices:

DMOZ open directory
Comprehensive lists of Rom-related sites clearly organized in all categories: arts, education, news etc.

Cambridge Review of International Affairs – Special Romani issue
Taking its name from the title of this film, with extracts from academic essays on Roma in world politics

Romani Org homepage
Lots of links and historical / political essays

Gypsies and Travellers
Books published by the University of Hertfordshire Press

Photographs by Rana Halprin
Roma from California to Italy, over the past 25 years

Romani Lessons – a booklet and audio cassette package of 40 Vlax Romani (Kalderash dialect) lessons is available through the Western Canadian Romani Alliance. Contact:

CD lists
An incomplete list of generally available Romani music

Roma Around the World:

Kosovo Rom
Information and photos of the large Romani community that lived in Kosovo for centuries before the recent war killed and evicted thousands of long-established Romani citizens. (Site in English or German.)

Romani Lil
Canadian journal about Romani events and culture

Czech Republic Roma
A comprehensive and regularly updated website run by a team from Radio Prague

French site dedicated to Romani culture

French music site with a focus on manouche jazz and other guitar music

Hungarian Romani website

Italian website about Roma worldwide

Site about Slovak Roma

Spanish site about Roma – Union Romani

Swedish Roma – a small website with a couple of essays.

Other Web Links:

Little Dust Productions
To find out more about our history and future projects:

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
Website of the Ashram near where my grandparents lived.

Wildlife Works
Based on a radical concept in wildlife conservation: Jobs for Humans. Makes and sells cool (really!) clothing. Founded by a Friend & donor to AMERICAN GYPSY, Mike Korchinsky.

Film Arts Foundation, San Francisco
Incredibly supportive fiscal sponsors of this documentary & the largest independent filmmaker organization in the USA.

Genghis Blues
The 1999 award winning documentary by Roko Belic, who edited the PBS version of AMERICAN GYPSY.

Soros Documentary Fund
Provided funding for this documentary