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When the Road Bends… Tales of a Gypsy Caravan

“It captures the spirit of an amazing musical culture and the heart of the musicians and singers who express it.”

Jasmine Dellal

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Subject Areas: Anthropology, Civil Rights, Ethnography, Social Studies, Human Rights, Law & Criminal Justice, Race, Holocaust Studies, Romani Studies, Film Studies
Length: 86 min (Edu), 111 min (Regular)

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An audience favorite at film festivals worldwide, GYPSY CARAVAN is a dazzling display of the musical world of the Roma, juxtaposed to the real world they live in. Five bands from four countries unite for the World Music Institute s Gypsy Caravan 6-week concert tour across North America with the musicians astounding every audience they meet. Their musical styles range from flamenco to brass band, from Romanian violin and Indian folk to Raga and jazz. And with fire in their bellies and soul in their voices, they present an explosion of song and dance that celebrates the best of Gypsy music and the diversity of the Romani people. Includes ommentary, Bonus Songs, Extra Scenes & Lots more!


“Gypsy music has been expanding beyond the world-beat sections of music stores and reaching a more mainstream audience… popping up everywhere from major movie soundtracks to indie-rock albums… ‘somebody who loves our music and culture will not hit our kids in the back streets’… The movie may do for Gypsy music what Wim Wenders’ 1999 film Buena Vista Social Club did for Cuban music.”
– Wall Street Journal Europe

“So long seen as ragged leftovers from an older historical epoch, the Roma turn out to be a modern people who have a lot to teach over-developed societies about what it means to be human… a fascinating and often very moving documentary … hear in every note the unconquerable spirit of freedom and fire and joy.”
– The Telegraph

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Runner Up, Audience Award, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam
Runner Up, Audience Award, Washington D.C. Film Festival
Audience Award, Ghent – Flanders, Belgium International Film Festival
Audience Award, Korea – Jeonju International Film Festival
Runner Up, Audience Award – Karlovy Vary Film Festival
Best Film About Roma, 11th Muse Awards
Winner: Impact of Music, Nashville Indie Film Fest
Audience Award, San Francisco Indie Film Fest
Runner Up, Audience Award, One World Slovakia Film Festival
Special University Screenings e.g. Columbia, NYU, Stanford, London’s SOAS
Theatrical Release – NY, LA, SF, DC, Seattle, Taiwan, etc